• 2015~2016
    03 Certification of Venture Business (No. 20160400404)
    02 R&D Center approved (No. 2016110687)
    01 Patent Registration(No. 10-1567395 Formation of sublimation
    transfer mask pack printed layer and method of manufacturing)
    12 Opened business in Social Commerce website Coupang (Our brand BeautePure She-nake cream/Ampoule
    10 Opened store in 4th floor of Happy Department Store (Mokdong-ro, Yangcheon-gu, Seoul) Chosen as SHC LINC Agency industrial-education cooperation all-in-one design support corporation (Managed by Soonchunhyang University LINC Agency)
    09 Opened business in Social Commerce websites Wemakeprice and Ticketmonster (Our brand BeautePure She-nake cream/Ampoule) Chosen for rapid commercialization support program (Managed by Chungnam Techno Park)
    08 2 brands submitted to patent office (Danmiin, BeautePure), attended booth in Chungnam Skin Care and Hygiene Expo/ Chosen for marketing support system Imshopping’s innovative product opening business program (4 cosmetic products of our company were chosen): Small Business Administration management / Family corporation MOU with Sun Moon University
    07 CEO Bae Se-cheol appointed as Chungnam job practical council member: Chungnam Economic Development Agency Technical agreement signed with Soonchunhyang University’s industrial-education cooperation organization (2 patents)
    06 Chosen for commercialization of resident companies and chosen for follow-up support of graduate companies (Soonchunhyang University’s Business Incubator Center) BI Chosen for Incubation of capability support (Soonchunhyang University’s Business Incubator Center)
    05 Technical Cooperation MOU signed with Ezekiel Cosmetics (Cosmetic Production corporation)
    Foundation of Jung Cosmetics Inc.
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